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First Show of SerraTV is Published!

  • June 6, 2019

I am working on this project for a while to be able to share more on my Youtube channel. We are living our lives mostly like we don’t have much control over it. So at SerraTV with many different subjects, we will talk about how we can live with more awareness both physically and mentally….

What is Isha Upanishad and What Does It Talk About?

  • December 18, 2018

Upanishads are the parts at the end of the Vedas which includes the question and answers generated while Vedas had been told so the Vedas can be understood better. It had been written by the sages at the time and it is written as dialogues between the teacher and the student. The word Upanishad literally…

What is Bhagavad Gita?

  • November 22, 2018

Bhagavad Gita was written between B.C. 200-400 years; it means “The Song of the Creator”, “Holly Song”. Actually, it is a part of the Mahabharata Epic written by Vyasa. Mahabharata is a very long text and so not everybody can read it. Therefore, Bhagavad Gita had come out of Mahabharata for one finding his own…

Deepening in Yoga Sutras Training March 23-24 2019

  • November 17, 2018

“If you do yoga away from human emotions, this endless mysterious and supreme yoga excellently succeeds. If the person is lured by passion and ignorance and shows attachment to objects, yoga is broken.” Yoga Sutras are the main source of all yogis who want to practice Raja Yoga. The way of yoga practice and the…

Fundamental Sanskrit Language Course

  • September 27, 2018

Sanskrit Language is one of the oldest unknown languages and also one out of the 3 languages that created today’s philosophy. Vedic Sanskrit can be traced back to the A.C 2. century; the oldest scripture extant today is Rgveda. The content of the Course: Sanskrit is a magical journey. Just as each frame on a…

Discriminative Knowledge

  • February 8, 2018

According to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, yoga is the control of the modifications of the mind field. योगश्चित्तव्ृतत्त्तिननिनिरोिरोधनिरोधः॥२॥ 1.2 Yoga is the control of the modifications of the mind field. yogash chitta vritti nirodhah We come to this world and from the first moment on we establish a character based on the thought patterns…

A day in the ashram

  • January 9, 2018

I’ve lived in several monasteries and ashrams before. The main point of living in an ashram is to build the life around practice. You start the day with meditation right after you wake up and the day continues with various practices. Since you are away from the many effects of the outside world, seeing yourself…