Fundamental Sanskrit Language Course

Sanskrit Language is one of the oldest unknown languages and also one out of the 3 languages that created today’s philosophy. Vedic Sanskrit can be traced back to the A.C 2. century; the oldest scripture extant today is Rgveda.

The content of the Course:

Sanskrit is a magical journey. Just as each frame on a journey is a part of that journey, each moment with Sanskrit gives you a new experience.

In this course;

  • You will learn how to write and read in Devanagari Alphabet.
  • While continuing the reading and writing practices throughout the whole course, we will be also examining the grammar of the Sanskrit Language in transliteration.
  • There will be examples of daily talk.
  • In the last weeks of the course, we will examine some sutras of Yoga Sutras.
  • When you complete the course, with this foundation you will be able to develop your knowledge studying other sources.

Who is this Course for?:

For anyone who is interested in languages.

*Especially for people who are reading old scriptures, to have an idea about Sanskrit brings an awareness. Since Sanskrit is a difficutl language, one should not forget that many years of studying is needed to master it. Although this is a fundamental course, still when you complete it, you will be able to read a word and search for its meaning.
As we said, Sanskrit is not just a language, it’s a magical journey in itself. Come join this journey for 3 months!

Eğitim Süresi:

The course will take place for 3 months on Saturdays between 14:00-16:00 at YogaKioo Institute Beylikdüzü.

Course Fee:

1200TL +KDV