India 1 – The Journey

YogaKioo India  300 Hours Advanced TTC.

Each training is a different excitement but this year’s TTC was so intense and was lived to the fullest. Therefore I’ve only had time now to write about it.

Teachers who already have an international 200 hours teaching certificate, can join the 300 hours advanced TTC. This year, the group was made up of teachers who are so kind and radiant whose purpose were to go deeper into their practices. So the intentions were made a year ago for this journey. While thinking how a year will pass, the time has flown by as usual and everybody found herself in Ataturk International Airport one Wednesday morning, hugging everyone coming from Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara. There was a lot of excitement in the group. Most of them haven’t been to India before therefore they were curious about what was expecting them; Is India really very different, what if I get sick, is the training very difficult…(Yes it was very difficult :D)We had boarded our flight with joy and excitement and reached New Delhi Airport sometime around 3 am in the morning.

serrasagra yogakioo ttc indiaWe had to find the driver of the bus which would take us to the ashram. While looking for him, we came to our senses again with 3 people running to us. Vilda who had come coming from Germany, Hande who had come earlier with another flight and Derya who also had come with another flight 20 hours ago and started to consider Delhi Airport as home in all those hours and who now wonders what is there on the other side of those airport doors. 🙂 Finally, the group got all together, we had found the driver and were ready for the 16 hours bus ride. At least we were ready at that moment.

When the morning came, the “Are we there yet?” had  question started. The ashram we would stay was in the Bir Area of India and to stay 1 month there, we needed to get a permit. Therefore our first activity as a group was to get a permit from a government office after a 14 hours bus ride. After we filled the forms and everything, the group had the first authentic Indian experience; drinking Indian tea (chai) and eating samosa (a spicy fried food) from a very local place. Some of the students thought if they stay alive after eating from a place like that but after so many hours on the road, they didn’t think about too long and enjoy the food which was delicious.

serrasagra india yoga ttcThen we were back on the bus again. We were approaching the 25th hour on the journey, such that nobody was asking  “Are we there yet?” anymore. The training had already started on the trip 🙂 After a while, the magical snowy tops of the Himalayas showed up and took our breath away. We continue to drive until it gets really dark. Finally, the bus had stopped and Pravin who we saw for the first time but would be family to us with his beautiful heart in the following days had welcomed us. We went up the hill to the ashram. When we entered through the gate of the ashram, 30 hours of the journey was left behind. Now everybody was ready for the real journey to their true nature.

serrasagra yogakioo ttc india


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