Mongolia 3- Lake Khuvsgul

serrasagra.comWhen we woke up and looked from the door of our tent, the trees and the lake view had welcomed us. We are staying in a ger; traditional Mongolian tent. They are very spacious and you don’t feel claustrophobic in them. There is a stove in the middle which makes it very warm. Mongolians also cook on this stoves. Bathrooms are outside. There are these tents everywhere around besides the tenst there are also small wooden houses.

serrasagra.comThis place is beyond real. There are animals everywhere; horses, yaks… I have never seen a yak before let alone sitting right next to it 🙂 It’s the exact opposite of the city life. It’s not only the animals. Mongolians are coming here in warmer temperatures and stay in Mongolian tents (gers). So they continue the nomad life which is very different for us. Last night we went to the local shaman’s tent for the ritual and had the chance to spend time with locals. The life is so different at one point I felt like I am in one of National Geographic documentary 🙂 Mongolians are very warm hearted and very kind people. They welcome you with big smiles. This is honestly best part of traveling. To get to know the people and their culture because it makes you realize only the names are different but the love is same; we are same.

serrasagra.comRight now is the high season here because the temperatures are higher and more comfortable for living. (Between June and August). But there has been years where it snowed in August so the season finished earlier. In winter only 10 people stay here. Yes, you didn’t hear wrong only 10! When I asked what you eat in winter they said “Frozen milk and frozen yak meat.” serrasagra.comThe first day we arrived it was very sunny. There are herds going around free everywhere; yaks, wild horses, goats…This is of course magical for us city people 🙂

There are cars next to the tents and some of them have satellite dishes next to them 😀 They use power supply for electricity in the tent. serrasagra.comNot many cars go by but there are motorbikes and there are young guys in traditional Mongolian clothes riding horses and screaming! We even see two guys racing the first day one on a motorcycle the other one on a horse 😀

The lake is very very big. It is not possible to see it all from one point. The Mongolian phone line works only at the top of the hill so we need to walk up once a day if necessary twice a day. And every time the view takes our breath away…

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