Why do we meditate?

Why do we meditate? This question may have many answers; to know yourself better, to get enlightened, to feel better…But actually there is also another reason; a very basic one. We have a part of our body which we cannot control but it controls us; our minds.

Our minds work all the time totally by theirselves. It’s like we have a TV on inside. It is very tiring because it never stops. Sometimes we cannot even sleep because of it. We also don’t see the people and the situations as they are because of the constant comments of the mind on everything.

If you keep moving your hand all the time wouldn’t you find it strange and try to stop it. People may even think you are crazy. But with minds we think it’s normal. It’s not. Think about it, will you still let it work so uncontrollably like this if other people can hear everything you think? I don’t think so ?

Besides all other reasons, this is why we need to meditate. To be in total control of ourselves. Just like a hand, the mind should work when we want it to work not when it wants to. We should be able to stop it so we can live our lifes conciously.

If you want to start meditate but don’t know what to do check out @cetincetintas account. He recently shared a video explaining a meditation technique called anapatasati.

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